The Highest Standards in the World

Mining in Canada, and specifically in Manitoba, operates under the highest standards in the world. Mining here is clean, technologically advanced, socially conscious, environmentally-responsible, highly-regulated, and driven by a safety-centric culture and practices. We are deeply connected to the social fabric, infrastructure, and financial well-being of our local communities.

Mining and the Economy

Mining makes up the majority of Manitoba’s 3rd largest resource and plays a critical role in providing materials for the 21st century economy.

  • The sector employs an average of 2,400 workers directly, with many more in indirect jobs and generates millions of dollars in spin-off business.
  • The value of mining on Manitoba’s economy is approximately $1.4 billion (2019)

Community Impact

Communities like Thompson, Flin Flon, Snow Lake, Wabowden, Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids in the north, and Bissett and Lac du Bonnet in the south, are centred around a strong mining economy that contributes to the health, well-being and success of these communities and the province.

These communities exist because of mining.

“We want to see Manitoba benefit – to the greatest extent possible – from the current demand for critical minerals and metals, and shift to a green economy, while maintaining a high level of care for human health, safety and environmental protection. We are working towards taking our rightful place as a global leader in mining and social governance.”


Critical Minerals and Metal Potential

Manitoba has a unique geological environment with vast mineral potential, which includes 29 of the 31 most critical minerals needed for many of the products we rely on in our everyday lives. This creates both a stable supply chain and strong demand from beyond the province and Canada to meet the needs of the global economy. The stability of Canada and Manitoba attracts investment, which in turn strengthens our industry’s ability to meet global demands.  

The magnitude of Manitoba’s critical mineral and metal deposits is central to future economic growth and prosperity across the province, fostering sustainable communities, and employment growth for all Manitobans. These deposits include copper-zinc, gold, nickel, rare metals and lithium.

Our Way of Life Depends on Mining

We all rely on the products of mining in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. As a major provincial employer, collectively our members also have a long legacy and beneficial impact across our local and provincial economies.

The Mining Association of Manitoba Inc., is headquartered on Treaty 1 and we acknowledge that our members operate on Treaty territories within the Province of Manitoba and the unceded lands of the Dakota, the traditional territories of Anishinaabe, Cree, OjiCree and Dene peoples and the National Government of the Red River Métis.