Working Committees

Working committees are governed by the MAMI Board of Directors, and are co-chaired by industry subject matter experts. Committees are volunteer run and are open to broader participation across all membership levels.

MAMI Committees meet at least quarterly, and participants actively share information, coordinate events, develop mutually beneficial programs, host expert speakers, collect and analyze relevant data, and contribute to industry advocacy and government and stakeholder relations initiatives: 

Safety Committee

MAMI’s Safety Committee promotes and implements leading-edge accident prevention actions and programs and assist in workers compensation management for its members.

Mine Rescue Committee

Comprised of qualified mine rescue instructors in the province of Manitoba, the Mine Rescue Organization provides overall governance of the Manitoba Mine Rescue Program and, since 1961, organizes the province’s official annual Mine Rescue Competition. 

Environment Committee

Focuses on MAMI and member company goals and best-practices in the complex matters of sustainability, environmental legislation and regulations and environmental assessments.

Indigenous Relations/Exploration Committee

Supports development of positive business relationships between the mining industry and Indigenous Peoples. The exploration side shares information on mineral exploration good practices, parks and protected areas, geology programs and land management issues.

The Mining Association of Manitoba Inc., is headquartered on Treaty 1 and we acknowledge that our members operate on Treaty territories within the Province of Manitoba and the unceded lands of the Dakota, the traditional territories of Anishinaabe, Cree, OjiCree and Dene peoples and the National Government of the Red River Métis.